How to create vases with what you already have at home

We selected some different pots and unusual objects with which many already have at home. Check out and make yours.

This is a very delicate vase, take the shell of an empty egg and make an unusual vase. You only need to be careful when handling, since this structure is thin and can break.


Another cheap alternative and valuable to those who want to grow plants without spending much. This is quite common since many are cutting plastic bottles and put plants inside. Note that the resident fit a cut of the other, creating a base to keep the vessel upright.


This idea is no longer for beginners, but for those who have some experience in manual work and above all dominates handle glass. The vase was created in a glass bottle lying down. Note that to keep it flat on the table, was created a base with stoppers.


There are many possibilities of what to do with the change of a dead tree. Some people choose to create a database, but you can also take the wooden interior, leaving it hollow, and grow plants in this cavity.


Who has a stop bath at home can enjoy it and create a garden bigger and more glamorous. Watering certainly would not be a problem.


There are many options for creating a terrarium. Here, it was made on a glass of wine. The result is delicate and chic. You put your hand in practice and toast creativity!


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